Campaigns and Readiness Planning

Given the likely institutional needs associated with a capital campaign, we believe that planning for a comprehensive campaign makes the most sense. A comprehensive campaign will allow the foundation to set individual goals for Capital projects, Endowment, and Annual Funds while providing the opportunity for a broad range of donors to contribute to areas that most interest them.

Here are some of the elements we work to identify to ensure your initiative is well tailored to your institutions needs:

A Case Statement

This will flow from a well-articulated, strategic plan. The case statement will include the institution’s mission and vision for the future, as well as the specific funding needs and the reasons for support.

Campaign Feasibility Study

We will work to refine the campaign goal, and dictate the likelihood of success in achieving that goal. The Feasibility Study will include both internal and external interviews. Internal interviews will include the executive team of the institution/organization, the leadership teams of the stakeholders, alumni, friends, and current and past board members. External interviews will include present and potential donors as well as potential board members. The intent is to not only determine if the goal is reachable, but also to cultivate prospective leadership donors and assess how prospective donors react to the case statement. Following the interview process, the development team at Cardenio will evaluate the data and submit a report outlining the raw data and making recommendations for moving forward to the foundation.

Effective Campaign Management

Once the final goal has been recommended to and ratified by the institution/organization, the comprehensive campaign will spring from a well-constructed plan that will lead to success. The plan will include:

The formation of a Campaign Committee, which will include a Campaign Chair (or Co-Chairs) committee members, and the leadership teams of the foundation and school. Potential committee members will be identified during the course of the strategic planning and feasibility phases of the work. Given the size of the current board, it is likely that the Campaign Committee will include individuals not yet on the board, but who are likely candidates for inclusion during the course of the campaign.

A Timetable for the Campaign

Once the board has committed to the comprehensive campaign, the quiet phase begins. During the quiet phase (which will likely take the first year of the campaign) current and prospective donors most closely associated with the institution/organization will be solicited for leadership-level gifts. We should reach 50% or more of the campaign goal during this phase. Following the quiet phase, a campaign kickoff event will take place to announce the campaign, thank leadership donors, and build excitement for the public phase of the campaign. In the final (or public) phase we will look further afield for potential donors and begin to open up opportunities for donors below the leadership level to contribute to the campaign.

Cultivation and Solicitation of Prospects

During the quiet phase of the campaign, the Cardenio Managing Partners will work with the Leadership and the Campaign Committee to schedule visits. One of the Cardenio Managing Partners will be available to accompany a foundation volunteer on each visit. In addition, the Cardenio Managing Partners will maintain a visit schedule to insure that there are 15 combined accompanied and independent prospect visits each month during the quiet phase of the campaign.