School Acquisition Process

School Acquisition

Organizations interested in acquiring schools in the United States must be well versed in the market. The educational landscape in the United States is rapidly changing in response to political, economic and demographic changes taking place. The acquisition of a high quality private school is a complex process that requires an understanding of all of the segments of the market and the challenges that each segment faces. Cardenio consulting has assembled a team of senior executives who have experience in all areas of U.S. Education, from the urban public schools to some of the most elite private schools, colleges and universities in the country. This makes Cardenio uniquely qualified to assist any organization in its U.S. school acquisition project. Cardenio Consulting breaks the process into four phases:

  • School Search
  • School Analysis
  • Completing the sale
  • Transition

Cardenio specializes in creative solutions to the acquisition process. Contact us to discuss your organization’s goals so that we can help find ┬áthe most cost effective way to meet them.