Areas of Expertise

We are school consultants. The Managing Partners at Cardenio Consulting believe that our combined half century of experience in independent schools and higher education is one of the many things that makes us different from other consulting firms. We have been where you are. We understand the challenges of running and funding schools and we’re here to help, not just by giving advice, but by rolling up our sleeves and working alongside you to meet the unique challenges facing your school or district.

Support for Parochial Education

Parochial Schools across the country are struggling with enrollment management issues that in some cases threaten their very existence. Many have engaged in “crisis fundraising” that has succeeded in keeping schools open temporarily, but long term solutions continue to be elusive. At Cardenio, we understand the deep-rooted presence of Parochial Schools in the nation’s educational consciousness and we bring a comprehensive suite of branding, marketing, enrollment management, and fundraising resources to bear to insure the health and continued existence of those schools. Whether you represent an individual parish school or an entire archdiocese, Cardenio Consulting stands ready to help insure that you are able to meet the needs of parents and students seeking a Catholic Education while improving your donor base. We want to help you find unprecedented success in your fundraising efforts.

Support for Public Schools

As traditional funding sources for Public Schools reach their limits, the promise of a comprehensive, free, quality, public education for all children is threatened. At Cardenio, we choose to believe, along with dedicated educators all across the country, that this promise should not fall by the wayside for lack of public funding. We believe that the answer to the fiscal crisis is through a systematic program of philanthropy and we stand ready to assist public schools to insure a steady stream of small and large philanthropic gifts to the district.

From strategic planning, to assembling a donor pool, to building a culture of giving, at Cardenio, we understand the challenges that public schools face in attracting private donors and we’ve developed strategies that will show immediate results in this unique market.

Support for Independent Education

Independent Schools have long depended upon philanthropy not only to meet their operational budgets, but also to fund capital projects and special programs. Cardenio knows well that major gift fundraising will always be a relationship business and that many schools are struggling to find the next generation of major gift donors. There are new rules of engagement as the philanthropic torch passes to a new generation of donors. These donors live in a world in which technology plays an increasingly important role in the way in which they interact with the people, as well as the institutions most important to them. Whether you are a mature development operation, or a one person shop just starting out, Cardenio can help you plan for the future, teach you the new rules of engagement, expand your donor base and help you to reach your goals.

Support for Charter Schools

Charter Schools occupy a unique place in the educational landscape. Providing options for students and parents, and challenging the status quo in public education, high-performing Charter Schools can be educational game changers. Insuring the resources necessary to provide a high quality education can be a challenge, and the day-to-day running of a school does not often leave a lot of time for fundraising. Cardenio can help you to clearly define your mission, identify a base of donors, draft grant proposals, and secure donations that will enable your school to reach its potential.

Athletics and the Arts: Two crucial areas of expertise.

Over the last quarter-century at Cardenio Consulting, we have developed a particular expertise in Athletics and the Arts. We have been successful coaches, athletic administrators, actors, and directors; and have successfully led development efforts in each of these areas – resulting in millions of dollars raised to support athletes, coaches, actors, performing artists, and the adults that direct them. Simply put: for many potential donors, their participation in these activities represents a highlight of their educational experience. The positive relationships that they formed with the adults who directed and coached them and the bonds they formed with their classmates forged on your fields, courts, and stages provide lasting memories and opportunities for engagement. Cardenio can help any school or district understand effective ways to reach out to former athletes and performers which will lead to greater alumni engagement and, ultimately, greater philanthropic gifts. If you are considering a campaign for athletics or the arts, look no further than Cardenio for the expertise that will lead to success.